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New and Improved zipLogix Digital Ink®

DAR members can now take advantage of zipLogix Digital Ink® 2.0. Advantages include improvements to design and messaging as well as more markup tools. A short training video is available here. Register for an educational webinar scheduled Feb. 12 here.

Initially, users will see 2.0 as an option they can select as their signing solution. Within 30 days we will make the new solution the default. We anticipate disabling the old solution by March 15. Users will be able to complete any active signings without interruption. We will monitor adoption of the new signing service and extend the availability of the old signing service if needed, to minimize any change on your members.

New Forms Announcement

The DAR Forms Committee has been working diligently to update our listing and sales agreements to reflect several new industry concerns. The forms listed below have been revised and are available now on dotloop and will soon be available on ZipForm®/DocuSign. Click on the title of each form to see an example.

Agreement of Sale for Delaware Residential Property, ©March 7, 2019
Agreement of Sale for Delaware Unimproved Land, ©March 7, 2019
Exclusive Right to Sell Listing Agreement, ©March 7, 2019
Exclusive Right to Sell Listing Agreement for Unimproved Land, ©March 7, 2019

Note to ZipForm/DocuSign Users: Members will be notified by ZipForm/DocuSign when the revised forms are available. For immediate access, please use your free dotloop account to access a current copy.

DAR Legal Counsel Andy Taylor reviews changes to the Agreement of Sale in this video, and reviews the revised Listing Agreement in this video.


An updated master listing of DAR forms is available here.


DAR Online Forms Access

All Delaware real estate forms are provided through two resources: zipForm® Plus and dotloop.

Helpful Hint for Forms: If you have a hard time finding the form you need in either Zipforms or dotloop, use the search button at the top of the page in the DAR forms library on either platform. Just type in the name of the form and hit “enter” on your keyboard. This should get you to the form you need in seconds!

Information/access is provided below.

Open a master list of all DAR forms here.

Access and complete a Forms Subscription Application here.


Delaware Division of Revenue

Revised Form 5403

The Delaware Division of Revenue has revised its Form 5403: Real Estate Tax Return Declaration of Estimated Income Tax, which the seller must present at the time a deed is recorded.

DAR Legal Counsel Andrew P. Taylor of Copeland Taylor LLC reviews the revisions to that form in this video. Feel free to share the video with consumers.

The form is here.




dotloop offers a 20% discount to members who subscribe to the Premium service, and 15% to brokerages subscribing to the dotloop-BUSINESS platform (excluding KW, due to their unique national arrangement and payment systems).

The promotional codes are CASE SENSITIVE: Premium upgrades: ‘%20OFFMTHLY’ and Brokerages (Business +): ‘MTHLY15%

DAR members and subscribers will continue to have access to the DAR forms library via both dotloop and zipLogix™.

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