Legislative Updates

State Political Coordinators visited Legislative Hall during the DAR 2020 session kickoff. Learn more about the SPC program here.






Bills We’re Watching

  • HB 200, Clean Water Act
    • Summary: Many of the State’s waters do not meet water quality standards to support their designated uses, such as for drinking, swimming or supporting aquatic life. The Clean Water for Delaware Act establishes a framework for assessing needs and planning and implementing projects that support Delaware’s efforts to improve the quality of the State’s water supply and waterways. A Delaware Clean Water Trust account is created as a funding source for executing projects highlighted by this framework. The Trust account will have oversight from the Clean Water Trust Oversight Committee (the “Committee”). The Committee will draw upon recommendations from the Water Infrastructure Advisory Council, (WIAC), the county Conservation Districts’, experts in the effected Cabinet agencies and other public input with the goal of assisting municipal and county governments and others in implementing affordable water quality projects. The Committee is required to develop and publish an Annual Report and multi-year Strategic Plan for Clean Water with annual updates.
    • DAR position: Support
  • HB 265, Exemptions from Taxation on Real Property
    • Summary: This Act fully exempts county property taxes and local school taxes for a disabled veteran with a 100% VA rated service-connected, permanent and total disability or for a disabled veteran who is receiving 100% disability compensation due to individual unemployability. The 100% rating and disability compensation is determined by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. This Act sets forth the minimum requirements that a claimant in any county must meet in determining eligibility for the exemption. Each county may impose additional requirements as necessary for eligibility. The minimum requirements are as follows: (1) the disabled veteran must be legally domiciled in the State for a period of time established by the county; and (2) the property for which the exemption is sought must be solely owned by the disabled veteran (or jointly with spouse) and used as his or her primary place of residence.
    • DAR position: Support
  • HB 296, Tenant’s Remedies Relating to The Rental Unit
    • Summary: This bill increases the amount that a tenant may deduct from rent in order to have necessary work done on the rental premises if the landlord fails to repair or maintain the premises after proper notice. The original amount of $200 was selected at the time that the Landlord Tenant Code was drafted in 1996. The amended amount of $400 reflects inflation of rent and cost of repairs.
    • DAR position: There is no position taken on this legislation at the time
  • Draft – Realty Transfer Tax Reduction
    • Summary: This Act eliminates the state’s portion of the realty transfer tax for closings in 2020.This Act eliminates the state’s portion of the realty transfer tax for closings in 2020 for first time home buyers with a purchase price of $250,000 or less. The bill applies to a home buyer whose gross income is less than $45,000 or in the case of natural person joint purchasers whose combined gross income is less than $75,000.
    • DAR position: There is no position taken on this legislation at the time
  • Home Inspectors Council
    • Summary: There is not a home inspectors council in Delaware at the moment, because there are not any certified home inspectors or public members serving on the board.
    • DAR position: DAR will send vacancy recommendations for licensed inspectors for the Home Inspectors Council to the Governor’s office.
  • Childhood Lead Poisoning Advisory Committee
    • Summary: The Childhood Lead Poisoning Advisory Committee to report to the General Assembly on measures that should be taken by the State of Delaware to prevent lead poisoning in children.
    • Summary:  The Delaware Attorney General’s office is working on this issue. DAR and other key stakeholders have been a part of the DUCIOA conversations and have assisted with drafting the draft legislation. In 2020 session noncontroversial revisions of the DUCIOA legislation will be introduced. Hard limit to the HOA threshold will not be a part of the 2020 revisions.