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You are hereby granted a revocable license to use the "Agreement of Sale for Delaware Unimproved Land (fillable PDF) - Modified August 2, 2013" form subject to the following terms and conditions:


   2. The revision number and date of the revision as it appears on the bottom of each page of the forms shall be included without modification.

   3. The copyright legend as it appears on the bottom of each page of the forms shall be included without modification.

   4. The format of the forms; numerical sections; captions; layout; sequence; pagination; margins; beginning and ending language on each page; sub-parts; and configuration shall not be modified or changed in any way.

   5. The pre-printed text of the forms may not be amended, revised, modified or altered in any way whatsoever.

   6. Should you make any changes whatsoever to the forms that are not apparent by using a pen to strike out or write in language, you are in violation of the copyrighted use of the forms.

   7. Any violation of the above-terms and conditions will result in the pursuit of legal action against you for violation of the above-terms and conditions. In the event such legal action shall be required by DAR against you, you agree to indemnify and hold DAR harmless and to pay, as part of any action brought by DAR against you to enforce the above-terms and conditions, all fees, costs and expenses, including attorneys' fees and court costs, incurred by DAR in such action, provided DAR shall prevail in such action against you.

   8. By downloading and using these forms, you irrevocably agree to the above terms and conditions.

I have read the above and will abide by the requirements.

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