The DAR Legal Hotline offers DAR Designated Realtors®, as well as their designees who must also be a company principal (i.e., principal, partner, corporate officer or branch manager), answers to legal questions about real estate.

Attorneys at the law office of Copeland Taylor, LLC will assist with questions about current state and federal laws and regulations, permissible business practices, and important court rulings affecting real estate practitioners.

Designated Realtors® have automatic access to the DAR Legal Hotline after they have accepted the DAR Legal Hotline Terms of Use. Access to the hotline for those who are DR designees and who must also be company principals requires completion of the Legal Hotline Authorization Form. The form must be signed by the Designated Realtor and returned to DAR Member Services Director Anne Rendle.

Logging in is easy: Sign in with your RAMCO credentials to submit your questions.

DAR Legal Hotline Terms of Use

The answers provided on the DAR Legal Hotline should be considered general information about real estate and the law and not legal opinions of the attorneys or DAR. The responses given are based solely on the facts presented by the caller, which are presumed to be accurate for purposes of providing an answer. Use of the DAR Legal Hotline does not create an attorney-client relationship between the user and Copeland Taylor, LLC or their attorneys, nor between the user and the Delaware Association of Realtors®, and the communications are not confidential.

The DAR Legal Hotline is not meant as a substitute for your own private legal counsel, nor is it meant to be used as a means of conflict resolution in any dispute. The DAR Legal Hotline is meant solely for the use and benefit of DAR Designated Realtors® and their designees who are company principals. Clients of a Realtor® should not be counseled on legal matters based on information received through the DAR Legal Hotline. Clients must never be given access to the DAR Legal Hotline but should instead be told to seek advice from their own attorneys.

Information received from the DAR Legal Hotline should not be quoted (or misquoted) in legal documents or proceedings, ethics or arbitration hearings, or in correspondence to other persons regarding a dispute. Hotline attorneys do not take sides in any dispute but may refer questions to other resources, like mediation, for dispute resolution assistance. Users may not fax or email documents to DAR Legal Hotline attorneys but may refer to DAR Standard Forms.