State Political Coordinator Program

Help Protect the Rights of Delaware Property Owners
and Support Delaware’s Real Estate Industry
Be a Part of Positive Change as a State Political Coordinator
The Delaware Association of Realtors (DAR) is working to pair each member of the Delaware General Assembly with a Realtor constituent. These State Political Coordinators (SPCs) will be responsible for maintaining a good relationship with their legislator and communicating with them on DAR’s public policy positions.
Each SPC will play a key role in ensuring that members of the General Assembly are informed of issues important to our members as well as current and future property owners in Delaware.

As a DAR SPC, you’ll be part of effecting positive change in our state.

**Before applying to be a State Political Coordinator, please look over the key responsibilities.**

Key Responsibilities of a State Political Coordinator
  • Serve a 2-year term (EXCEPTION: 2020 State Political Coordinators will serve 3-year term).
  • Advocate in support of DAR’s public policy positions, setting aside all personal views and opinions and working toward the success of REALTOR® issues.
  • Build, grow, and maintain great relationships with your assigned legislator.
  • Contact your assigned legislator at least three times a year and complete a field report every time you contact a legislator.
  • Respond to all Calls for Action and encourage other Realtors to respond.
  • Attend DAR legislative events and lead a meeting with your legislator as part of DAR’s Annual Legislative Action Day.
  • Participate in and complete the required training.
  • Attend quarterly SPC meetings.
  • Develop a contact team of at least three other Realtor constituents of your legislator.

SPC Application Form

SPC House Members

District: 1: Nnamdi O. Chukwuocha (D)
District: 2: Stephanie T. Bolden (D)
District: 3: Sherry Dorsey Walker (D
District4: Gerald L. Brady (D)
District 5: Kendra Johnson (D)
District: 6: Debra Heffernan (D)
District 7: Raymond Seigfried (D)
District 8: Quinton Johnson (D)
District 9: Kevin S. Hensley (R)
District 10: Sean Matthews (D)
District 11: Jeffrey N. Spiegelman (R)
District 12: Krista Griffith (D)
District 13: John L. Mitchell (D)
District 14: Peter Schwartzkopf (D)
District 15: Valerie Longhurst (D)
District 16: Franklin D. Cooke (D)
District 17: Melissa Minor-Brown (D)
District 18: David Bentz (D)
District 19: Kimberly Williams (D)
District 20: Stephen Smyk (R)
District 21: Michael Ramone (R)
District 22: Michael F. Smith (R)
District 23: Paul S. Baumbach (D)
District 24: Edward S. Osienski (D)
District 25: John A. Kowalko (D)
District 26: John Viola (D)
District 27: Earl G. Jaques (D)
District 28: William J. Carson (D)
District 29: William Bush (D)
District 30: Shannon Morris (R)
District 31: Sean M. Lynn (D)
District 32: Andria L. Bennett (D)
District 33: Charles S. Postles (R)
District 34: Lyndon D. Yearick (R)
District 35: Jesse R. Vanderwende (R)
District 36: Bryan W. Shupe (R)
District 37: Ruth Briggs King (R)
District 38: Ronald E. Gray (R)
District 39: Daniel B. Short (R)
District 40: Timothy D. Dukes (R)
District 41: Richard G. Collins (R)

SPC Senate Members

District 1: Harris B. McDowell (D)
District 2: Darius J. Brown (D)
District 3: Elizabeth Lockman (D)
District 4: Laura Sturgeon (D)
District 5: Catherine Cloutier (R)
District 6: Ernesto B. Lopez (R)
District 7: Anthony Delcollo (R)
District 8: David P. Sokola (D)
District 9: John Walsh (D)
District 10: Stephanie L. Hansen (D)
District 11: Bryan Townsend (D)
District 12: Nicole Poore (D)
District 13: David B. McBride (D)
District: 14: Bruce C. Ennis (D)
District: 15: Dave G. Lawson (R)
District 16: Colin Bonini (R)
District 17: Trey Charles Paradee (D)
District 18: David L. Wilson (R)
District 19: Brian Pettyjohn (R)
District 20: Gerald W. Hocker (R)
District 21: Bryant L. Richardson (R)