Specialty Tag Program

Dear Member:

The Delaware Association of REALTORS® has a Specialty License Plate Program. To obtain a DAR Specialty License Plate, the following information will be needed:

  1. DMV Specialty Application - Call DAR at (302) 734-4444 to receive this application.
  2. Checks written to DAR for $10 and one to DMV for $10.
  3. A copy of the registration to the vehicle on which the specialty plate will be displayed.
  4. The license plate number you would like to request. A list of available numbers is available from the DAR office.
When we receive your completed application, along with the items listed above, we will forward your request to the Delaware DMV. You may expect your license plate in approximately six to eight weeks.

If you are interested in getting a DAR specialty plate please contact us at
(302) 734-4444 or (800) 305-4445 or e-mail: